8 Best Youth Baseball Gloves 2023-22 [Feb. To update] (2023)

This guide is about the best youth baseball gloves. A glove is called a youth glove if it is suitable for children between the ages of 3 and 10. For young people/adults over 10 years old, you should consultThe ultimate guide to baseball gloves..

Here we have listed the best baseball gloves for kids, we do not consider the best sellers to be the best product.


We did extensive research and considered the opinions of experts, coaches, and parents, and then decided which glove deserved to be called the best of all.

Let's jump to the list.

Best Youth Baseball Gloves 2023 - 2022




Good for


buffalo skin and stampede

Web and T

All the positions

grain skin

Trap-Eze and closed

All positions best for receivers

grain skin


All the positions

Soft full grain leather

multiple patterns

All the positions

Complete pigskin case

H-Web Design

infield, outfield, pitcher


Basket, fully tied



net basket





Nokia Alpha Select S-200 Jugendhandschuhe

8 Best Youth Baseball Gloves 2023-22 [Feb. To update] (1)

Gloves Specifications

game level:youth leagues

Leadership Type:buffalo and stampede

back type:open back


Webmuster:Modified T-net

Glove details and brief overview

Nokona Alpha Select S-200 is hands down the best youth baseball glove and is built to last a long time, even if your child plays youth leagues.

Now on to its construction: it's crafted from premium buffalo leather and stamping, giving it long-lasting shape and durability.

The weight of this glove is approximately 475g and Nolera's composite padding system makes it feel even lighter.

The most popular feature of the Nokona Alpha select is that it has been made in the USA, since 1934.

Suitable for almost any position your child can play in, it features a modified T-web and open back.

Since it comes in sizes from 11.25" to 11.5", we recommend it for infielders. It could be smaller for the gardener.

This is the best full leather youth baseball glove available today.


  • Made in EE.UU.
  • good quality leather
  • It can be used for softball.
  • Available for both hands.
  • Modified T-net


  • price on the higher side
  • Need more run time

Rawlings Gamer Series Youth Pro Handschuhe

The best option for receivers too.

8 Best Youth Baseball Gloves 2023-22 [Feb. To update] (2)

Gloves Specifications

Leadership Type:Full grain leather shell

cords:Tannesse gegerbtes Rohleder

Sizes:11,25", 11,5", 12", 32"

Suitable for (position):Infielder, outfielder, pitcher, and catcher

Webmuster:Trap-Eze and closed to receivers

Glove details and brief overview

Rawlings Gamer Series gloves are made entirely of leather, along with the shell, lining and padding.

Kids with smaller hands will love it as it features a Youth Pro Taper fit, which helps the glove fit their smaller hands perfectly.

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Granted, it can't compare to the Nokona Alpha select S-200 in that measure, but it deserves second place on this list of the best youth baseball gloves.

It features the Trap-Eze knit, which is considered the most accepted knit pattern for kids' baseball gloves.

However, it is a slightly stiffer glove. So if you love soft mitts, you might want to avoid these, it also takes some extra effort to break them in completely.

The field gloves are actually very cool, but I'm a fan of your glove and I'm sure your son will love them too.best youth glove.


  • all leather
  • decent price
  • Youth Pro Taper-Passform
  • Available for all positions

Rawlings R9 Béisbol Junior Pro Taper Baseballhandschuhe

8 Best Youth Baseball Gloves 2023-22 [Feb. To update] (3)

Gloves Specifications

game level:Travel Ball, T-Ball, Ligas Juveniles

Material:grain skin

Give back:Open

Suitable for (position):Infielder, outfielder, pitcher, and catcher


Glove details and brief overview

Here's another youth glove from Rawlings that's made entirely of leather and is available in almost every size and position.

Pro Taper Fit allows players with smaller hands a firmer grip and comfort for smaller hands.

The reinforced palm pad is designed to absorb the hard impact of the ball and delivers it quite well.

The thumb sleeve of this youth baseball glove is padded, adding comfort to the players hand and protecting it from impact.

The Rawlings R9 Youth Pro Baseball Glove is 80% factory broken-in, making it game-ready and requiring very little time and effort to fully break-in.

It can be a great option for younger kids ages 7-10 and for those who want a great leather baseball glove with little to no break-in.

His Catcher's Mitt is also really cool and makes for a tough comparison to the Gamer series.


  • all led construction
  • raids faster
  • Available for all positions
  • net trapezoid
  • Good price


  • Nothing for hardcore users

Rawlings Select Pro Lite Jugend-Baseballhandschuhe

Coolest Youth Baseball Glove

8 Best Youth Baseball Gloves 2023-22 [Feb. To update] (4)

Gloves Specifications

Leadership Type:Soft full grain leather

Give back:Conventional backup

Suitable for (position):Infielder, outfielder, pitcher

Webmuster:multiple patterns

(Video) What is the "IDEAL" Rotation for the 2023 Chicago White Sox? | CHGO White Sox Live Podcast

Glove details and brief overview

Rawlings Select Pro Lite may not be the best youth glove out there, but it is the coolest youth glove your kid has ever owned.

It closely resembles Rawlings' preferred line of gloves and is available in a variety of MLB player styles. Like Aaron Judge model, Kris Bryant model, Bryce Harper model and many more.

This youth glove is also made from full-grain leather, which is softer and more durable.

It has a traditional back and comes in multiple fabric options, plus it's heavily padded for great hand comfort. Padding on the palm and index finger with padded lining on the back of the fingers.

The Youth Pro Taper Fit pattern provides the smallest opening for hand insertion, which is really helpful for kids with smaller hands.

Breaking in these youth baseball gloves is a breeze, they're almost ready to play at 90% factory shrink with the remaining 10% breakable with a little grip and lubrication.


  • cheap price
  • 90% factory theft
  • Multiple MLB models
  • Available for all positions
  • Multiple web options


  • Can't last multiple seasons

Wilson A450 Youth Baseball Glove

8 Best Youth Baseball Gloves 2023-22 [Feb. To update] (5)

Gloves Specifications

Leadership Type:Complete pigskin case

Give back:Open

Suitable for (position):Infielder, outfielder, pitcher

Webmuster:H-Web Design

Glove details and brief overview

Finally the wait is over for Wilson lovers, here is the best Wilson youth glove to make this list.

While Wilson isn't quite at the top of the youth baseball glove race, it is a great soft durable baseball glove.

Some may think sowilson a1000It's better than this, but let me tell you, the A1000 is much stronger, stiffer, and larger than what people expect from a youth glove.

Wilson A450 is made of pigskin and isdesigned for infielders, midfielders and outfielders too.

As it can be a great glove for some, I would like to point out a few cons you will face in this glove.

That means the cushioning isn't great, the leather feels thinner, and it doesn't protect your hand very much.

The palm is a bit harder, not much, but some smaller players may not find it as comfortable in their hands.


  • payable price
  • raids faster
  • Available for all positions
  • Made of full grain leather


  • The palm is more difficult.
  • the leather is thin

get current price

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Mizuno GPP1075Y1 Youth Prospect Ballhandschuh

The best youth glove for beginners.

8 Best Youth Baseball Gloves 2023-22 [Feb. To update] (6)

Gloves Specifications

Leadership Type:pigskin

Give back:traditional open back

Suitable for (position):Infielder, outfielder, pitcher, catcher

Cord:thread laces

Coating:fig lining

Palma:palma de paraflex

Webmuster:Basket, fully enclosed, fully tied

Glove details and brief overview

The Mizuno Prospect series is best for beginners, or one could say for teenage baseball players.

It's made from soft pigskin and features a Hilo lacing that maintains the integrity of a fully laced leotard with greater flexibility.

MZO liner helps wick sweat and moisture away from the field player's hands.

The Mizuno Prospect Glove is 90% shrink from the factory making it ready to play and this glove is closed knit.

The Paraflex technology used in the palm gives the glove good flexibility for the palm.

While it's a great glove with great features, it can't beat the other kids' gloves listed above, it's simply the best kids' glove for beginners who love to play around the house.


  • Great price segment
  • Game Ready Robo
  • Flexible
  • Available for all positions
  • Best for beginners
  • Made of full grain leather


  • Nothing for team players.

Rawlings Players Series Youth Baseball Glove

best tee ball glove

8 Best Youth Baseball Gloves 2023-22 [Feb. To update] (7)

Gloves Specifications

shell material:synthetic

Coating:soft PVC

Palm Material:Manager

Give back:traditional open back

Good for:Tee-Ball

To alter:3 years to 9 years

Webmuster:The road

Glove details and brief overview

We recommend Rawlings Players Series gloves as tee ball gloves to wear for tball practice.

Not only is it made of leather, but the shell, mesh, etc. They are made of synthetic material, but the palm is made of leather, which helps to open and close.

The liner is made from soft PVC material, has an open back and Rawlings' proprietary Youth Pro Taper technology that helps the smaller hand fit comfortably inside the glove.

It comes basket weave and has many size options to suit the age of the child.

There are so many color options to choose from, this glove can also be a great gift for a child who has their favorite color.


  • favorable in price
  • Don't need a steal
  • It has a great color combination.
  • Available in many sizes
  • good for beginners
(Video) Zion Williamson is BACK ! 2023 Season Highlights


  • it has synthetic material
  • Cannot be molded randomly
  • Not recommended for use other than T-Ball

Franklin Sports RTP Teeball Glove and Ball

Best deal on a t-ball glove

8 Best Youth Baseball Gloves 2023-22 [Feb. To update] (8)

Gloves Specifications

game level:teeball

material art:synthetic

Suitable for (position):Solo t-ball y catch


Glove details and brief overview

Granted, it's not one of the best youth baseball gloves, but yes, it's one of the best kids' teeball gloves and a great deal for parents.

It is not leather and surely you do not expect it either. You can get a soft baseball glove for just under $20BallThat's the only reason it made the list.

It is made of a light and comfortable material. It feels a bit stiff at the beginning of use, but as you continue to use it, it overcomes that stiffness.

The ball you get is obviously not the best ball you'll ever own, but it does get the job done.

It can also be a great gift for your children this birthday or maybe Christmas.


  • Very cheap
  • no need to steal
  • It can be a great gift
  • free ball
  • great color options


  • Nothing for older children.
  • not leather

Final verdict for the best youth gloves

After so much research and hard work, we've finally completed our search for the best youth baseball gloves to buy right now.

If you want the best of the best without a second opinion and confusion, just go for this.Nokian Alpha Select S-200,as our top of the list is the top of the baseball community.

For a cheaper alternative or the best youth catching glove, pick one up.Rawlings Gamers-SerieoSerie Rawlings R9We consider both to be somewhat similar, but it is a player's personal preference.

Wilson lovers can buy this for sureWilsons 450 Junior Seriesbut if you then have a bigger handwilson a1000may be a good option for you.

Rawlings Select Proits the coolest as it has MLB Player Edition with multiple color options andMizuno's Juvenile PerspectivesYouth Glove is the best choice for youth baseball gloves for beginners.

Likewise, you can opt for the best teeball gloves for bothRawlings Players-SerieoFranklin Sports RTP.

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