Diamond Nexus vs. Moissanite: Side-by-Side Comparison Guide (2023)

Looking for a Diamond Nexus vs Moissanite comparison? Diamond alternatives (simulators) are rapidly gaining popularity for wedding bands and engagement rings due to their glamorous appearance and durability, but they cause a lot of confusion.

Diamond Nexus vs. Moissanite: Side-by-Side Comparison Guide (1)

When it comes to diamond simulators, nexus diamond and moissanite are two of the most popular options.

While the diamond appearance makes them a great choice for inexpensive jewelry purchases, each has unique characteristics to consider.

Diamond Nexus Simulants sparkle like the premium diamonds found in fine jewelry and offer unrivaled clarity, while Moissanite is slightly harder than regular diamonds and comes in many different colors and shapes.

Deciding between diamond nexus and moissanite can be difficult as both offer superior characteristics as an alternative to diamond. Knowing all the factors like affordability, appearance, durability and more will help make the decision process easier for anyone looking for dazzling diamond jewelry at a fraction of the cost of real diamond jewelry.

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Below, I'll go over all the nitty-gritty details you might want to know before you decide to buy any of these stones! You'll also find out about prices, colors, and eventually whether the hype is really real. Cave!

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What is Diamond Nexus??

Diamond Nexus simulates real diamonds, which means that they are grown in a lab rather than naturally occurring. This particular simulator is made from a certain proprietary formula and is also coated with materials that make its surface hard and much less porous. This also prevents it from getting cloudy over time.

Diamond Nexus closely mimics the appearance of natural diamonds. Its weight, impeccable texture and hardness almost replicate a mined diamond. However, there are only two exceptions; It costs less and is perfectly crafted compared to natural diamond.

Is Diamond Nexus worth it?

Sim!diamond nexustotally worth it if you're willing to pay a quarter of the price of a real diamond. On the Moh scale, the hardness of these synthetic diamonds is 9.2. This means that it will not be easily scratched or damaged and will retain its beautiful shine.

Another feature that makes the Diamond Nexus worthwhile is that it doesn't cloud over time.

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Although, I cannot guarantee this because different companies use various techniques and stones to compose the diamond nexus, but the highest quality ones are not cloudy. They remain bright and crystal clear as long as they are cared for properly.

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Do Nexus Diamonds Cloud?

Real Nexus Diamonds do not darken over time. This is due to the fact that a protective layer is piled on top of these stones to prevent them from accumulating dirt and grime over time, which can contribute to color changes.

The authentic Diamond Nexus is never cloudy. If a nexus diamond is cloudy, it probably wasn't good quality. You can check with the company you purchased the item from, they often have an exchange policy in these situations.

Diamond Nexus vs. Moissanite: Side-by-Side Comparison Guide (4)

this is moissanite?

Moissanite is said to be born from the stars. Basically, these natural crystals are made of silicon carbide and are created in the laboratory. The microscopic particles were also found in a crater in Arizona.

As natural moissanite is extremely rare, lab-created ones are very common. These gemstones are finally brought to their best form after many years of fine processing to make them as perfect as diamonds. Round-cut moissanite is the closest imitator of mined diamonds.

Moissanites still don't look exactly like real diamonds, as they are visually and compositionally distinct. I will explain in more detail how the difference is detected. These gemstones are even rarer than diamonds as they are found in very small quantities on Earth.

Moissanite is often used as an alternative to diamond in jewelry. It is especially popular as stones for engagement rings.

Is moissanite worth it?

If you're concerned about whether moissanite is worth it, consider these facts. Will the gem blend well with other diamonds or simulated accents?

To tell you the truth,moissanita se ve Hermosawith other gemstones. Not only do they look great on their own, but they also enhance the appearance of the gemstones they are encrusted with.

According to research, moissanite is highly resistant to high pressure and will not chip or break.

This ensures its durability so you can be sure you'll get your money's worth. On the Moh scale, moissanite is at 9.5, making them perfectly suited for everyday use.

This rare gemstone does not lose its luster over time unless seriously damaged. They are colorless like real diamonds, but reflect yellowish hues when tilted a certain way.

Yep, moissanite is worth it if you're looking for a more affordable diamond alternative.

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Does moissanite break easily?

Moissanite is composed of very stable silicon carbide atoms. The atoms are so tightly bound together that they can withstand very high pressure. Moissanite is scratch, break and chip resistant and is considered to be a very stable material.

On Moh's scale, moissanite sits at a 9.5 compared to real diamonds which are rated at 10, ensuring the gemstone's hardness. It is also heat tolerant. A moissanite stone can last forever if handled with care, just like diamonds!

Moissanite stones are a special type of gemstone known for their incredible hardness and heat tolerance. They measure 9.5 on the Moh scale, making them almost as hard as real diamonds, which have a rating of 10.

However, moissanite is still strong enough to last forever when properly cared for. Moissanite gemstones not only exhibit the same beauty we look for in diamonds, they can withstand even the most extreme conditions without compromising their structure or appearance.

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As such, moissanite stones represent an excellent choice to accessorize with confidence that your ring will withstand whatever life throws at it.

All these properties make this rare gemstone highly durable and resistant to breakage during jewelry repair.

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Side by side comparison between Moissanite and Diamond Nexus

Diamond Nexus and Moissanite are excellent imitators of natural diamonds. The best part about both is that they fit the bill for most people.

If you have ethical and environmental concerns but love jewelry, these gemstones are the best choice for you!

However, when comparing the two, you will learn how the chemistry, brightness, price, durability and colors of the two gemstones are quite different.

I've tried to cover all the important features of these stones so you can be sure you have the right one in your hands!

Prices and accessibility

Diamond Nexus is a cheaper option compared to moissanite. Choosing any of them depends on the budget you have allocated for them.

Diamond Nexus vs. Moissanite: Side-by-Side Comparison Guide (6)


As they are even rarer than diamonds, they can be expensive. Moissanite is usually 40% cheaper compared to a real diamond. 1 carat of this rare gemstone can cost up to $600 USD. The cost also varies according to the quality of the stone, ie; premium or super premium.

diamond nexus

Diamond Nexus is much cheaper compared to moissanite. You can probably get a nexus diamond for under $25. Prices vary by cut, color clarity, and stone size.

Colors and Clarity

This is of the utmost importance, as if you need a stone that resembles a diamond, you need to be very interested in the colors and clarity of the gem.


Although moissanite is usually labeled colorless, this gemstone casts gray and yellow tones in certain lighting environments. You can see better, lighter shades in larger sized moissanite.

Pure white moissanite and lightly colored gemstones are also commonly available in the market.

The highest quality moissanite is the clearest. Most moissanites sold have an exceptional level of clarity, however violations can still be found at the microscopic level.

diamond nexus

Diamond Nexus (lab-grown diamonds) are also available in clear and brilliant shades; however, like moissanite, you will also find dyed ones. Since Diamond Nexus are the closest imitators of mined diamonds, they are classified as (D), which means they are completely colorless.


Refraction is the key to any stone's brilliance. Diamond and its alternatives are also classified based on the amount of light they refract. Refraction simply means how much light is absorbed and reflected.

Both Diamond Nexus and Moissanite are at peak brightness, but still have notable differences.

Diamond Nexus vs. Moissanite: Side-by-Side Comparison Guide (7)

diamond nexus

This diamond simulator shows white flicker and the refraction quality is excellent. In addition, these simulators are ideally cut for maximum refraction.

To make it look similar, the light that enters this stone is reflected entirely internally, contributing to its high refractive index, just like natural diamonds. Diamond Nexus shines brightly due to this high refractive index.

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Because it is doubly refracted, moissanite scintillation is multicolored. As natural light hits this gemstone, you may notice shades of gray, yellow, and even red. It has a partially low refractive index and is not as bright as the Diamond Nexus.


Here we will talk about which of the two is easy to get and has a better reputation.


Moissanite is a much rarer stone compared to Diamond Nexus which is a lab developed simulator. Therefore, the demand for a moissanite engagement ring is much higher. Currently, however, this gemstone is not available very often and easily, although you can find a limited variety in many stores.

However, the downside is that tarnished stones can fade over time, as reported by some customers.

diamond nexus

Although Diamond Nexus guarantees the durability of these stones, customers still complain about their quality. Since they are man-made, they are more feasibly available and their affordability makes them a favorite for anyone looking for a diamond alternative.


Both stones are hard enough to be good diamond alternatives, however, there is still a significant difference between the two!

Diamond Nexus vs. Moissanite: Side-by-Side Comparison Guide (8)


The best way to find out the hardness of a stone according to gemologists is the Moh scale. I've talked about this scale before and by now you should be familiar with the fact that this scale is the benchmark for measuring hardness.

Moissanite ranks at 9.5 when it comes to hardness. This means they can easily withstand high pressure and won't scratch the surface no matter what material they're hit with.

diamond nexus

On the Moh scale, the hardness level of this stone is 9.2. This does not mean that this stone is weak, however, it is not as hard as moissanite. Therefore, it is more likely to be scratched. It looks a lot like a mined diamond, but when it comes to the hardness level, there is an obvious difference between the two.


Hardness is not the same as tenacity. The hardness of a gemstone refers to how much external pressure it can withstand.


Moissanite is exceptionally strong and will not chip or break no matter how much pressure it has to withstand. Obviously not to be compared with the hardness of a diamond, but moissanite is arguably a close second!

diamond nexus

Yes, Diamond Nexus is also resistant, but compared to moissanite, it cannot withstand very high pressures or temperatures. It is more prone to chipping and breaking unless handled with care.

Common questions

Can I iron my moissanite like a diamond?

To be honest, I wouldn't pass any of them off as diamonds because these aren't real diamonds after all.
But yes, moissanite can be considered a diamond as it has almost the same brilliance and brilliance as mined diamond. In fact, moissanite is the only gemstone that can truly pass for a diamond due to its hardness and durability.

(Video) Moissanite v. Natural Diamond v. Lab Grown Diamond: Comparing the difference in 2020.

Can you tell the difference between Moissanite and natural diamonds?

Only an experienced gemologist or jeweler can tell the difference between the two. You can't just tell the two apart with the naked eye.
You will need a magnifying glass to look at the crown of the stone at a specific angle. Moissanite is doubly refracted and there's a chance you'll see shades of yellow and blue, unlike diamond, which doesn't refract.Diamond Nexus vs. Moissanite: Side-by-Side Comparison Guide (9)

Are Nexus Lab Diamonds real?

No, these are proprietary lab-grown stones and are simulation diamonds. They imitate real diamond, but their chemical properties, hardness and clarity differ from mined diamonds.

Are lab-grown diamonds worth it?

If you're on a tight budget but love the sparkle of a diamond, lab-grown diamonds are worth it! The best part is that synthetic diamonds mimic real diamonds and are available for a fraction of the cost of diamonds. Good quality lab grown diamonds do not chip and last forever!

Diamond Nexus vs. Moissanite: Side-by-Side Comparison Guide (10)


The final decision is always yours! While moissanite may cost a little more than Diamond Nexus, keep in mind the durability and hardness these stones have to offer.

In case you still have doubts, you can checkasha diamondswhich are also grown in the laboratory, but have an impressive charisma and make beautiful rings!

You will always see positive and negative reviews about Diamond Nexus and moissanite, but I always believe that gemstones last longer if they are cared for.

Buying gemstones can be a challenge, especially with so many gemstone stores popping up every month. The right way to choose the best one is to check the reviews first, if someone in your circle bought a gemstone from the same store you chose, ask for honest reviews.

Carefully read the seller's warranty and product warranties, and always make sure you obtain a warranty card after purchase. This will help you to return and exchange the item if it is damaged, scratched or broken.

Before you decide to buy any one, consider your budget. Simulants can never be true substitutes for mined diamonds, but they are no less. If you're looking for ethical gemstones, these are your best bets!

Diamond Nexus vs. Moissanite: Side-by-Side Comparison Guide (11)

Which do you prefer, Diamond Nexus or Moissanite? Let us know in the comments below!

Diamond Nexus vs. Moissanite: Side-by-Side Comparison Guide (12)

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