No Rules for Contacting an Aries Man: 15 Things You Need to Know (2023)

No Rules for Contacting an Aries Man: 15 Things You Need to Know (1)

How might an Aries man react to the lockdown?

You are perfectly positioned to see if his answer would be positive or negative!

Below are 15 things you should know about Aries men and the no contact rule:

1) An Aries man might immediately ignore you without hesitation

Fortune teller Ashley Allen notes that "because of the difficult conception of Aries men, you should be warned that he will do the same provided you ignore him."

In short, you probably won't get what you're looking for.

"He probably won't go into why you ignored him, but all things being equal, he'll treat you twice," she adds.

This means that the no contact rule could very well fail you. Instead of him contacting you, he might as well stay away from you.

However, he could also respond in kind because he is genuinely injured. Karen, a mystical medium, says:

“Supposing the breakup hurts the Aries man, he will choose to leave to deal with his feelings on his own. He may come back when he figures things out, but he may choose not to accept that he feels the irritation was too great."

This is how you should reconsider the no contact rule with an Aries man.

2) An Aries man will move on if there's a chance the no-contact rule will go against his ethics

Cook Maria Bread, a Crystal Clearing author, explains why the no contact rule is unlikely to work for an Aries man:

"Assuming you both have comparable ethics, he will feel closer to you. Aries men take your qualities and ethics seriously.

This means he will have no hesitation in going ahead provided you achieve something contrary to what he was betting on.

Use this to remind yourself if he ever expressed his opinion on the no-contact rule. If so, you should have known how he would react.

Or, on the other hand, you may have ignored him at one point during your relationship. How could he be feeling at this point?

This data is crucial for the no-contact rule to help you. So let him decide how he will react before you decide to use him.

3) You can help him to move faster without contact

If you choose the no contact rule with an Aries man, he's likely to use your absence as a tool to get you going faster.

In what way?

The explanation is simple: he is an Aries and reacts to difficulties.

With that in mind, your main inspiration to keep going is to show yourself that you're not worth the effort. He will remember each of the reasons why he should continue and ignore the reasons why he shouldn't.

According to Zodiac Guides, “Aries men get going quickly whether you unload them or they do the unloading. To be clean it can be impressive how fast it works.”

Ultimately, the no contact rule can be the ideal tool to help you move forward. He will use it to look for another friend and dump you in a few moments.

So what can you do?

"If you want to get together, you have to pull the trigger immediately," adds Zodiac Guides.

4) A talented lawyer can find out what an Aries man really feels

Leading an Aries man is tedious, especially bringing him back into your life and you have no idea how.

While the no contact rule works most of the time, it's probably not the best method with an Aries man.

Every man is unique and what works for one may not work for another.

So to decide how he's going to react, you want to know what's going on in his brain.

This is where an experienced guide can help you - the person will tell you exactly how they will react to a no-contact order and what you should do about it.

The problem with mystics, however, is that no one can say who is certified. I was tricked many times until I found the Clairvoyant Source. This is the best psychic service I have ever experienced and I enthusiastically recommend it.

Their recommendation is usually spot on and I've never been put off. Plus, your advisors are exceptionally knowledgeable, so you don't have to worry about a thing.

They can answer questions like "Will an Aries man come back to me?" "Will the no-contact rule work for his situation?" and "What's the best way to respond if I want it back?"

So if you're ready to find out what's at the forefront of your thinking and what to do about it, check out Mystic Source.

5) An Aries man will not make contact if he is managing a woman in need

Let me ask you: would you say that you are a needy woman?

In the early stages of a relationship, when a woman wants the consideration and support of an Aries man, her poverty makes him more attractive. However, this effect wears off quickly.

Even if he is a helpless Adonis himself, he could do without his accomplice. In this way a woman's excessive misery will drive him away.

And if his behavior before the breakup is helpless, he can share in the silence.

However, if you haven't been acting needy or frantic, enforcing the no-contact rule might work.

Aries men love secrets in a woman.

"He'll have sex with the woman, seduce, but hide things about himself so he can try to solve this mystery long-term," says Anna Kovach, a relationship watcher.

This means that provided you let him think about what he's doing, you very well have an opportunity to get your way against him.

6) No contact can make you more attractive to an Aries man

Aries men are interested. They want to know what you're doing and what your top priority is.

"They're usually curious and cheerful," says Jake Register, creator of Cosmopolitan's Week-by-Week Sexoscopes.

With that in mind, if you're not talking to them, they'll usually be captivated by you. They will examine what you are doing and how you are feeling.

This means if they aren't there where they can find out what you're up to, they might try harder to ingratiate themselves with you.

Also, you can make yourself more attractive to them. This means they accept silence as a sign that something is coming up for them. So they will consider what they can do to inspire you from the relationship.

Depending on why you broke up, enforcing the no contact rule can certainly attract attention.

7) An Aries man can feel tested by his calm

Here's something else you probably don't know about Aries men, according to fortune teller Maria Dough Puncher:

"Aries men love trials. They are cruel to the core and will try to get what they want!"

With that main concern, he might take your silence as a test.

He sees that you are not responding to him and may use this as an incentive to approach you. Aries men have an impressive will to win, so the no contact rule could work very well for you in this situation.

In any case, keep this in mind: “If you keep chasing after an Aries man, he will become exhausted,” adds Bread Cook.

More specifically, provided he feels himself being tested, he will hunt you down to get what he wants. And that's exactly what you want, right?

Will the no contact rule help you? If he sees it as a test, yes!

8) Assuming you stick to no contact, he'll feel like you're joking

Aries men are "blunt, direct. They don't play mind games. They're not inactive and energetic, they're just energetic," says Sam Derick, an essayist for the Everyday Constitution.

As such, it will not cooperate with your game.

So I think trying to find out more about him and understand his special qualities can help you connect better with him on a deep, supernatural and even sexual level.

In any case, how can you do this?

As I was trying to understand my partner's desires in light of his zodiac sign, I came across a very favorable zodiac test by the famous fortune teller Anna Kovich. After the audition, I got what he really wanted from me.

Likewise, I figured out how to get him to seek me out, focus on me, and love me deeply. By simply answering a few basic questions, I found impressive information about my husband (which has proven to be 100% up to this point).

To make this happen with an Aries man, click here for the free trial.

9) An Aries man feels like a victim without contact

An Aries man will feel like a victim if you don't talk to him. This way he will take your silence as a sign and feel like a victim if he feels like you are dismissing him.

He can imagine that you are intentionally trying to make him desperate. He will imagine that you are trying to make him feel rejected, unwanted, and unlovable.

And he prefers not to feel like a victim. He will feel that he is not responsible. He will imagine that he cannot change what is happening.

This could very well compel him to contact you. However, in order to attract him, you need to use this rule with caution.

So if you don't want to use contacts successfully, make sure you know what you're getting yourself into. He will feel rejected and may or may not fight for your affection.

10) Removing all correspondence might make him think you've stopped paying attention

"Aries men love to be the center of attention, so without you, he'll feel like there's really something missing in his life," says one holistic mentor.

Not only will he miss you, but he will also start to think that you don't care about him. He will feel miserable, helpless and rejected.

And that could destroy your confidence. That's why the no contact rule probably won't help him, assuming you want him to move towards you.

An Aries man's confidence is so important to him that if you don't talk to him, he can feel worthless. He could accept that there was nothing great about him.

At the same time, it could inspire you to change to make things better. He may be fully aware of what he's screwed up and will want to fix it.

It's a mess, but you have to deal with it. As the saying goes, "You can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs."

11) Ignoring an Aries man can make him think about his mistakes

Lorena Thomas, a certified stargazer, says that when you ignore an Aries man, you may choose to have him weigh his missteps:

“That's the whole purpose of ignoring an Aries man. Getting him to re-evaluate the way he behaves towards you in your relationship.”

In that sense, she thinks ignoring an Aries man can help her. He might think about what he did wrong, how he hurt you, and how he can change it to make things better.

"Once things have calmed down a bit, he will understand that it is his fault that you are behaving this way. He'll remember every mistake you make," she adds.

Aries men believe in being instant with what they want, and they won't hesitate to tell you about their goal of making certain improvements.

Be ready to face that too.

12) Not requesting contact can make him miss you a lot

Here's another possible outcome of using the no contact rule with an Aries man: he'll miss you.

Lorena Thomas, a staunch crystal viewer, makes sense:

"Once he realizes his slip-ups, he'll start missing you. Just to warn you, he won't connect right away because he needs to figure out your views and feelings first. So he'll think about how to show you, he's really upset about everything."

Also, Aries is ruled by Mars, which means they constantly focus on making a move rather than using big words.

Assuming this is how you approach an Aries man, you might expect him to come after you.

If he really likes you, he won't stop until he convinces you to talk to him and gives you another chance.

13) While out of touch, an Aries man can get in touch with his buddies

As I said before, Aries is an active man, so he will not do anything while you finish all correspondence with him.

He will effectively want to get you to talk to him. And one possible approach to doing this is to reach out to your peers.

He will let his teammates know that you ignored him and made him feel awful. He might try to let her know how he wants to be with you again and that he regrets everything he's done.

And there's a good chance his teammates will accept what he's saying and want to take care of him. Some of them might try to talk to you about their situation.

Assuming you choose not to use any rules of contact with an Aries man, these are the possible outcomes you need to manage.

14) You can test an Aries man's understanding by removing all contact

Here's something else you should know about Aries men and the no contact rule:

You are restless. Provided you break off all correspondence with him, he's unlikely to remain calm and collected for very long. He may get tired of sitting around waiting for you to wake up and talk to him.

He can leave you before you leave him. He might ask:

"Is it true that she's really worth the trouble? Or, on the other hand, would she say she just uses me like all women do?”

"How long would it be advisable for me to wait for her?"

If you choose to use the no contact rule with him, do so for a short period of time. Experts suggest waiting about 30 days, depending on how serious your relationship is and how long you've been together.

If you've been together for a significant amount of time and the breakup wasn't shared, then you may need to stay longer at this point.

Whatever the case, every circumstance is unique, so you need to do your research and experiment a lot to find the perfect time ratio.

Certain people will tell you not to sit still for more than 90 days. Others advise you to ask for up to half a year. So the rule is not clear.

15) Your feelings of envy will increase during the non-contact

Ashley Allen, a fortune teller, explains why an Aries man's desire can increase without contact:

“Since an Aries man relies on having his accomplice's full consideration for himself, ignoring him can signal that someone else has his consideration. It torments him when he thinks about it and he can't take it because of his insecure nature."

Aries men are obsessed with women who are just as crazy about them. They would rather not share you with anyone else.

So if you use the no contact rule with an Aries man, he might feel like someone else is taking his place in your life. He might try to think that there is someone more interested in you than he is.

He will start to get jealous and shaky which will make him do frantic things to get noticed.

How would you best respond if an Aries man made contact with you?

It is important not to do anything impulsively.

I know you might want to react immediately and run into his arms again. However, imagine a scenario where he tries things.

Assuming he does contact you, it would be best not to take his instant messages or calls right now. Take as much time as you need to think about what's going on and figure out what the next step should be.

"Don't try to contact the Aries man when you're both apart. Be quiet for at least a fortnight before sending the main message,” says Denise, a writer for Horoscope Divinations.

So if a fortnight goes by and he contacts you, this could very well be the answer you have been looking for.

In case you're still out of touch and itching to meet up...

The most important thing you can really do is show restraint.

give him the reality He likes you and is likely to lash out at a lot of your feelings and feelings.

So there is a possibility that he will slip back. He just needs a chance to relax and understand what really went wrong.

Will an Aries man return?

In fact, an Aries man will return when…

Rebecca B., a relationship essayist, chimes in:

“Without a doubt, if an Aries man misjudges and walks away, he'll come back when he realizes he's screwed up quickly. He could leave without sitting down, so assuming his heart is still with you, he'll just sit idly by and will be back in no time."

This means that an Aries man will return provided he is aware of what he committed and understands that it was his problem.

Even if you feel like you don't stand a chance with him right now, remember that Aries is an indication of fire and flames. He can continue.

No, a ram doesn't come back...

"In any case, his pride can keep him from coming back to you, assuming you broke up first or accomplished something that pushed his limits," says Steve, an essayist at Vekkesind.

Therefore, an Aries man will not come back if he is hurt or embarrassed.

What are some of the main problems for Aries men?

Christine Schoenwald, essayist, thinks science belongs among you:

"The fact that Aries don't have the opportunity to interact with their accomplice on a real level is a significant problem."

Whatever the case, things like cheating and lying also decrease your chances of friendship.

As suggested by Zodiac Fire, tenacity is also a big theme for Aries men:

“The Aries character looks down on people who are very poor or unwilling to take on challenges. They are free animals looking for a relationship where they feel empowered—but without feeling protected.”

To clarify: if you have a stubborn character and often rely too much on your accomplice, then, most likely, he will remove all correspondence with you - before you have the opportunity.

How would you make an Aries man miss you like there's no tomorrow?

If you use the no contact rule with an Aries man, he might miss you. Either way, to achieve more, consider a few things that will get you back in the saddle.

As stated by the Zodiac Guides, here are the 5 methods to make an Aries miss you:

do things without him. As you know, Aries men are dynamic people who love being in a hurry and trying new things. Assuming you're going out alone or with your friends, make sure he finds out - through online conversation or your friends.

Play the secret woman. The moment you act like a secret wife, he will want to know more about you and be curious. He will be interested in making contact and finding out what's going on.

Show your best qualities. A free and experienced woman will be more attractive to an Aries man. All in all, your actual quality of engagement can also play a big role, so make sure you're doing your best.

Be more diligent to achieve something. As we have already discussed, an Aries man loves a woman with reserved energy. Assuming you're harder to reach, he'll likely try to reach you again.

Try not to move too fast. Don't try to be a helpless girlfriend dying to get noticed one day and then, at that point, be a free woman the next who doesn't care less. It will not switch between contacts well and will be fully dedicated by the same token.

So you can get back in the saddle.


No contact rules with an Aries man - is that possible or not?

This rule can work on a myriad of levels in an Aries man. In any case, there are also many indications that this is not the case.

If you are unsure, consult a gifted advisor for advice and find out all about your Aries man before you risk it all.


What is the no-contact rule with an Aries man? ›

Aries is quick to forgive and forget and hates being alone. He's likely to get over any hard feelings about the breakup quickly, and after that, he'll regret distancing himself from you. Try the no-contact rule, which encourages you to cut off contact for 30 days.

Will no-contact work with an Aries? ›

Imply the no-contact rule

Roughly speaking, you ought to wait two weeks to a month before getting in touch with your Aries ex. Due to their impulsive nature, Aries tend to act on their feelings at the time. You can let your Aries ex know that you still miss them by getting in touch early and promptly.

How to make an Aries man addicted to you? ›

Check out these 10 ways to make your Aries man obsessed with you.
  1. Compliment Him. ...
  2. Be A Flirt. ...
  3. Be Courageous. ...
  4. Impress Him With Your Spontaneity. ...
  5. Be Independent And Give Him Space. ...
  6. Show Off Your Sense Of Humor. ...
  7. Make Him A Little Bit Jealous. ...
  8. Be Cordial With His Friends.
Dec 26, 2022

What are Aries men attracted to? ›

Aries men are attracted to independent women and strong women who know how to take care of themselves. So, make sure you show your self-sufficiency and hard work when flirting with them. Whether it's attaining your career goal or your personal life, let them see that you're capable of handling things on your own.

What will make an Aries man chase you? ›

Be ambitious and goal-oriented.

An Aries man will find it very attractive if you lead an active, fulfilling life. After all, he needs a partner who can keep up with him! Try things like: Plan a career change and start taking night classes.

Should you wait on an Aries man to text you? ›

An Aries man will want to pursue his crush.

Send mysterious messages, pull back the attention you give him now and then, and wait for him to text you first. Aries are impatient, so when you take longer to respond, he'll clock it. Half the time, respond quickly.

Who will break an Aries heart? ›

A partner who doesn't recognize or acknowledge just how special they are will be the one thing that can hurt Aries the most. A partner who failed to keep up, or simply didn't appreciate their efforts would also be completely heartbreaking.”

What signs do Aries not get on with? ›

Aries folks probably shouldn't get involved with a Pisces or a Cancer. Pisceans are highly sensitive, and the abrupt nature of an Aries could be a challenge for them. Cancers can also be highly offended by an Aries's straightforward manner. They may appreciate the honesty at first but later come to resent it.

How do you get an Aries to stop ignoring you? ›

Apologize If Needed

The most effective way to win over an ignoring Aries guy is to apologize from the bottom of your heart, even though it could be difficult to acknowledge your fault. He will put the matter behind him and move on as soon as you realize that you have upset him and apologize.

What are Aries addicted to? ›

Aries the Ram (March 21 – April 19)

People born under this sign are most likely to abuse alcohol, antidepressants, and cigarettes. If they DO become addicted, their innate stubbornness can make it that much harder for them to stop.

How do you coax an Aries man? ›

How to Make an Aries Man Obsessed with You
  1. Reveal only a little bit about yourself at a time.
  2. Be super flirty and compliment him often.
  3. Go on fun, adventurous dates.
  4. Joke around and show off your sense of humor.
  5. Engage in interesting, spirited debates.
  6. Show your passionate side in the bedroom.

How do you know if an Aries is obsessed with you? ›

15 Signs An Aries Man Loves You
  1. His views align with yours. ...
  2. He believes in being a gentleman. ...
  3. You are always his top priority. ...
  4. He showers you with love. ...
  5. He typically does not initiate physical contact. ...
  6. He has a protective streak. ...
  7. You are the core of his being. ...
  8. He will introduce you to everyone.
Jan 16, 2023

What kind of woman attracts a Aries man? ›

Aries man desires a lady who can keep up with him. Aries men are also attracted to natural attractiveness and lovely face. Your body is not the only thing that will attract him to you. To attract him, regardless of how attractive you are, you must be self-assured, ambitious, and independent.

How does an Aries man treat his woman? ›

Aries-born people are super protective and caring when in love. They take care of even the tiniest of things of their partner and always support them with the best of facilities and comfort with all their heart. That's how an Arian showcase expresses his love.

What is Aries Favourite body part? ›

Aries: head

Typically, rams think with their horns first and worry about the rest later—and body rulership helps to explain why. Aries rules the head and energy levels, which is why Faulkner suggests that the fire sign cools down with meditation from time to time.

Do Aries like to chase or be chased? ›

Aries is another fire sign who loves the chase and takes it as a challenge. They are good at playing mind games and want someone who is the best in a crowded room even if they might have to go through fire for them.

Should I play hard to get with an Aries man? ›

An Aries man likes women who are difficult to impress. Play a little hard to get and see how he takes it up as a challenge to woo you. Nothing excites him more than a good chase.

What not to say to an Aries man? ›

Things you should never say to an Aries
  • 01/6Don't ever say these things to an Aries. They are brave, independent, egoistic, but all zodiac signs have their flaws. ...
  • 02/6Don't be such a baby. ...
  • 03/6Why are you being so over sensitive all the time? ...
  • 04/6Criticise. ...
  • 05/6Be patient! ...
  • 06/6Why are you being so selfish.
Oct 26, 2021

How does an Aries man express love? ›

04/6He will become protective

If not otherwise, Aries men are very protective of the love of their life. These folks love taking responsibilities and they are of the thought that they must protect the woman they love. For them, it is very important that they shield you from anything bad.

Should you tell an Aries man how you feel? ›

Be honest and open with your Aries man.

He doesn't want to guess how you feel; he'll appreciate your willingness to come right out and tell him what's on your mind. Your Aries can also tell when someone is being fake, so always be your genuine self around him. He wants to know the real you!

How do Aries act when heartbroken? ›

They treat breaking up like a sport, and they do not want to lose. Aries would rather dump than be dumped, and so if tension has been building, they're likely to be the ones to initiate the split. Since they want to move on faster than their exes, they're often the first to rebound, but they're rarely malicious.

What is an Aries biggest flaw? ›

The toxic trait of Aries – Jealousy

For the fire sign, they need to be on top of everything. They envy those who are more wealthy, more famous, and closer to their goals.

Do Aries get bored easily in relationships? ›

However, Aries may grow bored quickly when dating and find their attention wandering elsewhere. They may feel like it's easier to be independent and do their own thing rather than put in the work that a long term relationship requires.

How do you get an Aries man to stop ignoring me? ›

Apologize If Needed

The most effective way to win over an ignoring Aries guy is to apologize from the bottom of your heart, even though it could be difficult to acknowledge your fault. He will put the matter behind him and move on as soon as you realize that you have upset him and apologize.

Should I contact Aries man first? ›

Reach out to him first.

Show him that you know what you want and you're not afraid to make your interest known! Aries guys are go-getters who gravitate towards people with the same ambitious energy, so he'll have a lot of respect for someone who takes the initiative and sends a memorable first text.

Who will break an Aries man heart? ›

A partner who doesn't recognize or acknowledge just how special they are will be the one thing that can hurt Aries the most. A partner who failed to keep up, or simply didn't appreciate their efforts would also be completely heartbreaking.”

When Aries goes silent? ›

Aries would rather cut ties completely than deal with unnecessary drama. So when Aries does go silent, there's definitely something going on. “Aries is a known for being hotheaded, or an outward sign more prone to erupting with passion or other big emotions,” astrologer Clarisse Monahan tells Bustle.


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