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Today, 90% of the world's personal computers and 70% of networked computers run a version of Windows from Microsoft. No one elseSoftwarehas ever achieved such widespread acceptance and acceptance. On November 20, 1985, Microsoft released Windows 1.0, the first operating system with a graphical user interface (GUI). The project was then called Interface Manager. At the time of final release, the name was changed to a more acceptable name: "Windows".

As a result, incremental technical improvements have paved the way for the latest released version - Windows 10, which we use. In this post, we take a look at how generations of Windows have evolved over the years.

1. Windowsexecution1

In 1983, Microsoft released information about its first operating system with a graphical user interface, but the birth of Windows 1.0 took two years. The most important feature of Windows 1.0 was the transition from MS-DOS (Microsoft Disk Operating System) toGraphical user interfacewhich only had one writing method. Instead of using MS-DOS commands, you can click the mouse anywhere on the screen. The drop-down menu, scroll bar, icons, and dialog box make Windows 1.0 an easy-to-learn and easy-to-manage operating system.

Windows 1.0 also made it possible to switch to other programs without having to leave the program in use. Windows 1.0 was released with many new programs, but MS-DOS survived. Windows 1.0 introduced all colors, Windows Writer, notepad, calculator, calendar and clock. If today's challenge for Microsoft is Google, it was its main competitorFirma Applebefore. This version of Windows could not compete with Apple's operating system. It's natural for them to use an operating system on their computers.

2. Windows version 2

The next version, Windows 2.0, was released in 1987. It featured a more manageable user interface. In addition, memory management was excellent. Unlike the first version, in the new version each window could be opened individually. Apple Corps has filed a lawsuit against Microsoft, claiming it owns the rights to the system.

However, the court ruled in favor of Microsoft. The first version of the popular MS Word and MS Excel software also came with Windows 2.0. This new version also includes non-Microsoft software that runs on Windows. This software is Aldous PageMaker. Of course, the second version of Windows met with greater acceptance than the first version.

3. Windows version 3

Windows 3.0 was introduced in 1990 and included several changes to graphics and virtual memory. Computer users are beginning to warmly welcome Windows. Popularity increased and sales increased.

4. Windows version 3.5

Within six months of its release, 20,000 copies of Windows 3.1 were sold. Version 3.5 can be considered an update to Windows 3. It was launched in 1992. This release not only contains essential updates, but is also the first version of Windows to support TrueType fonts, making Windows an indispensable desktop platform. Also new are screensavers and drag-and-drop controls.

5. Windows 95 version

Windows 95, released in 1995, increased the popularity of Windows and Microsoft. Windows 95 has been fully introducedoperating system, free from MS-DOS influence. Until then, it was a complete revision of the graphic concept. This is the first version of Windows today. Thus, Windows 95 set a sales record. 70 million copies were sold in the first five weeks alone. Windows 95 was the first company to introduce Internet access, dial-up, networking, fax, and modem capabilities. New hardware tools include an easy-to-use plug-and-play system, and the taskbar and Start button we see today were first introduced in Windows 95.

6. Windows 98 version

In June 1998, Windows 98 was released. Windows 98 focused on personal use. Windows 98 introduced back and forth navigation buttons, the address bar in Windows Explorer, and the Windows driver model for computer components and accessories. This driver may support all future versions of Windows. Also, Windows 98 could take advantage of thisInternet, search files quickly, manage them easily and read DVDs. For the first time in USB, Windows 98 also introduced the use of disk drives and the quick launch bar.

7. Windows ME version

Microsoft introduced System Restore in Windows ME (Millennium Edition) released in September 2000. "System Restore" is the ability to restore Windows settings if your computer is infected with a virus or Windows itself crashes. The Millennium Edition focused on multimedia and home networking, including Media Player 7 and Movie Maker. The last version based on the Windows 95 code was Windows ME.

8. Windows 2000 version

It was a milestone for the Microsoft enterprise sector. It was an evolution of the underlying Windows 2000 NT platform aimed at the enterprise market. It was released virtually at the same time as the Windows Me client version. Professional, Server, Advanced Server, Datacenter Server, and Small Business Server are five different editions of Windows 2000 available in two editions (workstation and server). All editions consistently combine elements of Windows 95/98 into an attractive user interface.

9. Windows XP version

On October 25, 2001, Microsoft releasedWindows XP, a superhit in its history. It is doubtful that there is any other software that computer users love so much. That was Microsoft's Windows XPbest-selling operating systemwhenever. Windows XP set a sales record. XP was a radical change in the evolution of Windows. XP included major changes to the Start Menu, Taskbar, and Control Panel.

In terms of speed and security, XP was the leader. In 2002, Microsoft released a Media Center Edition for XP and a Tablet PC version focusing on multimedia, live TV, and the Internet. The extraordinary success of XSP delayed the release of the next version of Windows. Microsoft Windows XP has dominated the Windows world for five years.

10. Windows Vista version

Uncompromising security was a hallmark of Windows Vista in 2006. Vista strongly opposes hacking other software without permission. Other Vista features include live video, video editing, a faster search engine, a start button, and changes to the desktop and graphics. However, Vista could not downplay the importance of XP. In addition, the fact that Vista was becoming increasingly complex for consumers also contributed to the success of this version of Windows. Microsoft has announced Windows 7, the next edition of Windows that builds on lessons learned from the Vista experience.

11. Windows 7 version

In recent years, the world has witnessed the decline of desktop computers. Laptops, netbooks and finally tablets have become stars. In this context, Windows 7 was released in October 2009. Windows 7 has been the most popular operating system in the world for desktops and laptops for 11 years.

Windows 7 is characterized by exceptional speed and emphasis on graphics and multimedia. This release includes major changes to the desktop, folders, and icons. Windows 7 also has less time to open the computer. Microsoft claims that Windows 7 has sold seven copies every second since its release. Although this seems like a distant prospect, you can agree that Windows 7 is a great success compared to Vista. However, according to experts, using a computer with Windows 7 without the latest software and security patches can lead to the spread of viruses and malware and pose risks. This led to the introduction of Windows 8.

12. Windows 8 version

After Windows 7, Microsoft introduced Windows 8, but it was not successful enough. When the computer is turned on, move the cursor directly to the Start menu. This has been a habit of computer users for decades. However, there was no start menu button. Instead, when I first turn on the computer, a screen with many squares appears.

Windows came up with such an update to make it easier to move forward by pressing the cursor key on the desired block, but no one liked it. Many people have trouble finding the start menu on their computer. Some claimed that the problem would be solved after some time, but critics were not happy about this. The new user interface, the integration of the Windows title into the Start menu, and the unique settings that replace the Control Panel are the fantastic "positives" of Windows 8.

13. Windows 8.5 version

However, after the flop of Windows 8.5, contrary to expectations, in 2015 the company released Windows 10. connectivity near the field,USB 3.0low-power ARM architecture,Cloud Computingand UEFI firmware are included in the theme. It also had a number of security features, including malware filtering, spam detection, and a built-in antivirus. Windows10

Microsoft released its latest Windows Ten operating system on September 30, 2014.

The lack of popularity and popularity of Windows 8 in the market led to the release of another Windows operating system. Microsoft released Windows 10 and skipped Windows 9. A feature of Windows 10 is the return of the Start menu. This is why Microsoft has brought back the Start Menu in Windows 10. It harkens back to the heavily criticized Windows 8. Therefore, the new version is a composite version of Windows 7 and 8. The new version is a combination of Windows 7 and the current AIT. The new version introduces an updated Start Menu and a traditional Start Menu. In addition, the application icons have been redesigned.

Windows Ten was introduced as a trial version for some business leaders in San Francisco. Windows 10 introduces a new web browser that replaces Internet Explorer. It's called Microsoft Edge. Many users have confirmed that Edge is able to beat Google Chrome and Firefox faster and faster. Cortana is the name of Microsoft's virtual voice-over assistant.

Apple was the first to introduce such a virtual assistant system under the name "Siri". Siri quickly became a hit on the iPhone. When we communicate our needs or questions over the phone, the answer appears on the screen. Siri will respond as best she can. Cortana is a virtual assistant system developed by Microsoft for Windows phones that follows in Siri's footsteps. Previously limited to phones, Cortana is now available on Windows 10.

Windows 10 is the only Continuum Mode feature that works on both desktops and tablets. This system recognizes what kind of gadget you are using and adapts the user interface accordingly. This means that with just one click, you can transfer the work you are doing on your computer to a bookmark. This change can easily happen if you useTablet Surface firmy Microsoft.

14. Windows 11 version

Windows, the most popular computer operating system in the world, has received an update. One of the most important updates in the history of the operating system and one of the most important in the last six years. It is said that the new operating system was created in response to the changes caused by the era of smartphones and the excitement around Apple's Mac OS. One of the most important changes in the new "Start Menu". The "Start" button has also been updated. Both have been moved to the center of the taskbar. Live Tiles is another major feature. Thanks to this, you can quickly return to the application you are using. One of these was introduced in Windows 8 but was withdrawn due to criticism.

While it is compatible with the launcher on Chrome and Android operating systems, you can also see the look of Mac OS here. The light and dark modes in Windows 11 are less eye strain than they are today. One of the new features is "Snape Layouts". Applications can be switched into multiple modes supported by the operating system. It also has a snap group layout. This is to see where apps are stored. This is especially useful when using multiple displays. Another important function is taking care of the players. Auto HDR will be one of the features of the Windows 11 bundle. Xbox Game Pass is also included with Windows. This is done through the Xbox app. Sync with X Cloud has also been done.


One of the company's products is Microsoft Windows. The Windows operating system was first released by Microsoft in 1985. Since its inception, it has surpassed all height dimensions. In addition, Microsoft has made a breakthrough in the field of computers. New versions of windows are designed to reduce dimensions, increase speed of operation and reduce energy consumption in response to periodic customer complaints.

Each time the company tried to transfer the desired elements from the previous version to the next one. In addition, she wanted to offer her customers something new. In fact, every change in the Windows version reflects the growing importance of the Internet and the advent of itnew technologiesand new opportunities for computer users. Since the release of each version of Windows, several subversions have been released with the latest updates. This took the tech world by surprise, especially IT professionals and small businesses.

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