Trucking from Hawaii to Michigan (2023)

Trucking from Hawaii to Michigan (1)

RoadRunner makes getting your car from Hawaii to Michigan as easy as 1-2-3!

Calculate an instant car shipping quote.

Getting a quote is easy with our online quote form. Enter your origin and destination, select your desired shipping dates and book online or by phone!

Trucking from Hawaii to Michigan (2)

RoadRunner Auto Transport Reviews

"Sent my son's vehicle from HI to MI and not only did it arrive on time, the communication was great throughout the process."

Trucking from Hawaii to Michigan (3)Douglas H.Sterling Heights, MI

"Very fast response time - called on Wednesday and my car was picked up Friday. Shipped from Hawaii to Michigan on time with no hassle!"

Trucking from Hawaii to Michigan (4)Steven D.Maui, hi

“I shipped my car from Hawaii to Michigan with RoadRunner and they did a fantastic job. They always kept me informed and always kept up to date."

Trucking from Hawaii to Michigan (5)Christina MKahului, hello

Trucking from Hawaii to Michigan (6)

How does vehicle transportation from Hawaii to Michigan work?

1. Get a car shipping quote:As one of the best car transport companies, RoadRunner offersFree and non-binding car shipping offers.You have the choice of open or closed car transport boxes.Shipping with an open carrieris the most popular and cost effective choice. Transport companies, such as RoadRunner Auto Transport, also have an offerclosed strapsfor extra protection.

2. Collecting the vehicle:Once you receive your quote, you can book online or speak to a car transport specialist to schedule your pick-up time. On the day of collection, the vehicle will be carefully loaded onto the carrier. With RoadRunner you can track the status of your shipment online at any time.

3. Vehicle delivery:On the day of delivery, your vehicle will be safely unloaded from the autotransporter truck and a final inspection will be carried out to confirm that your vehicle has been delivered in the same condition as it was received.

What factors affect the cost of shipping a car?

Several factors can affect yoursCar shipping costsfrom Hawaii to Michigan, including:

  • The distance of your move from the starting point to the destination
  • The type and size of your vehicle
  • The type of transport you choose: open, closed or top-loading
  • Availability of pick-up and delivery locations
  • Depending on the route, the time of year may add a seasonal factor
  • Current fuel prices
  • Delivery speed

Longer distances, larger vehicles and closed transport usually result in higher costs. Rural or hard-to-reach locations can also increase prices.

The cost may vary depending on the season and fuel prices. Expedited shipping services are available for faster delivery but with higher cost.

Our Hawaii to Michigan auto shipping specialists are always available to discuss what factors are most important to you in a particular auto shipment to ensure you get the best value throughout the process.

Trucking from Hawaii to Michigan (7)
Trucking from Hawaii to Michigan (8)

Shipping from the state of Hawaii

Hawaii is an archipelago of islands in the central Pacific Ocean and the only US state consisting entirely of islands. The main islands of the state are Hawaii, Maui, Oahu, Kauai, Molokai, Lanai, Niihau and Kohoolawe. The archipelago of islands is located about 2,000 miles southwest of the continental United States. The islands were formed by the continuous action of tectonic plates. The active volcanoes of Hawaii are located in the southern part of the island of Hawaii. The state of Hawaii is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna, as well as a range of habitats, from tropical to high altitude climates.

Shipping to Michigan

Michigan is located in the Northeastern United States. Michigan shares water borders with Michigan and Wisconsin by Lake Michigan and land borders with Ohio and Indiana. Michigan is politically divided into 83 counties, each administered by a county seat. Michigan counties are further divided into cities.

Michigan is easily accessible by car, train or plane. Interstate 75 and Interstate 69 connect northern Michigan to the southern part of the state. Eastern Michigan is connected to western Michigan by Interstate 96, Interstate 94, and Interstate 196. The railroad in Michigan makes it easy to get around the state, and the passenger train is often the cheapest and most convenient mode of transportation in Michigan.

Trucking from Hawaii to Michigan (9)
Trucking from Hawaii to Michigan (10)

Contact RoadRunner to learn more and get started

If you need to transport your vehicle, you can count on a reliable transport company that will take the cars quickly and safely to where they are needed. As America's leading trucking service, RoadRunner has over 30 years of experienceCar delivery nationwide.Our team of highly qualified transport specialists strives to provide the best possible service at every stage, from coordination and customer service to shipping and delivery.

Whether you need to ship your car in or out of town, RoadRunner can provide a convenient Hawaii to Michigan car transportation service at an affordable price. For even better protection, we also offer fully comprehensive insurance. Call (888) 777-2123 or use oursAutoship Calculatoronline for an instant quote today.

Frequently asked questions

Get answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the vehicle shipping process.

The cost of shipping a car from Hawaii to Michigan depends on the type of vehicle you are transporting and the time period you wish to ship it. Instantly calculate the cost of shipping your car from Hawaii to Michigan using our online calculator to get the exact shipping price.

Estimated transit time from Hawaii to Michigan is 2-3 days. The approximate length of this route is approximately 1,000 miles. Standard carriers typically travel an average of 500 miles a day. Expedited service is also available for shipments requiring faster delivery.

Getting your car from Hawaii to Michigan is as easy as 1-2-3 with RoadRunner. Step 1 - Calculate an instant quote for shipping your car and select a convenient pickup time. Step 2 - Your vehicle will be picked up from a designated location in Hawaii. Step 3 - Your vehicle will be delivered to the specified location in Michigan.

Yes, online tracking is available 24/7 and is updated in real time. When scheduling your shipment, you will receive a unique booking number that you can use to track the status of your shipment online. You can also use the tracking portal to chat live with the carrier who can answer any questions regarding the status of your shipment.

With the Topload service, your car is placed on a higher deck or level of an open car transport trailer. This is considered preferable to bottom loading as there is a risk that cars on the lower deck could potentially spill liquid from cars above.

Your car should have about a quarter of a tank of fuel at the time of shipment. This leaves enough space for loading and unloading the cart, but does not add extra weight.

Yes, you can cover the entire transportation cost with a credit card. If you want to pay the full amount online, you can do so online or by calling the carrier at the time of booking. Thanks to this option, you can conveniently and once pay with a credit or debit card. You also have the option to pay a deposit by credit card and then pay the balance by cash on delivery.

Check out all frequently asked questions.

Do you still have questions about shipping your car?

Visit some of our helpful pages to find out how RoadRunner can simplify your trucking business.

How it worksLearn how RoadRunner makes shipping your vehicle as easy as 1-2-3. Learn more
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How much does it cost to ship a truck from Hawaii to Mainland? ›

The cost of shipping a vehicle from Hawaii to the mainland depends on several factors, including the ports of entry and departure and the model and make of your car. On average, the shipping costs range between $1,500 and $1,800.

Is Hawaii considered international shipping? ›

Finally, here's some good news: Shipments to Hawaii are considered domestic, so you won't need a ton of extra paperwork to ship freight to Hawaii. As long as you've got a bill of lading, you'll be good to go. As you can see, ocean freight shipments to Hawaii involve a number of moving parts.

How long does UPS ground take to Hawaii? ›

How long does UPS Ground shipping take to Hawaii? All UPS Ground packages are guaranteed delivery within one to five business days. The delivery date is also set at the time of pick up according to the distance the package is traveling.

How does UPS ground work to Hawaii? ›

With UPS® Ground shipping, you can ship to all 50 US states and Puerto Rico. With UPS® Standard shipping, however, you can only ship to the 48 continental US states, along with Canada and Mexico. In other words, you can't ship to Alaska or Hawaii with UPS® Standard shipping.

How long does it take to ship a vehicle from Hawaii to mainland? ›

Estimated delivery times vary widely and depend on factors, such as weather and vessel availability. Typically we are talking about 5-7days to/from the mainland West Coast. And about 3 weeks to/from the mainland East Coast (continental US). If you include land transport, the total process will average about 20-25 days.

Is it more expensive to ship from Hawaii? ›

Tips: Shipping to Hawaii

As a result, their shipping rates are the same to and from Hawaii as they are in the 48 continental states. A USPS Priority Mail shipment from New York to Maui costs the same price as if you're shipping the package from New York to New Jersey.

Can you overnight ship to Hawaii? ›

SendOvernightMail delivers quickly to Honolulu, Hawaii and allows you to meet all your shipping needs online. All Fedex orders are fulfilled via a Fedex Kinkos location. Get instant delivery times, pricing and tracking numbers at the one stop shop for all your expedited document and mailing needs.

Does UPS ground use airplanes? ›

Unlike expedited packages that are almost always sent via air freight planes (that can get very expensive), UPS Ground packages and parcels are transported across the country on trailer trucks and freight trains for the most part.

Does UPS use trucks or planes? ›

UPS has at their disposal different ways of transporting the cargo. It can be sent either by car, truck, plane, rail or ocean vessel. Trucks and planes are the more common. If it is going to be sent less than 200 miles away, then the packages will take a ride in the UPS Trucks.

How much does a UPS driver make in Hawaii? ›

Average UPS Delivery Driver hourly pay in Honolulu is approximately $19.77, which is 18% above the national average.

Does Hawaii count as US shipping? ›

After all, shipping to Hawaii is treated the same as shipping to any other state such as Alaska. Furthermore, Puerto Rico is much closer to the mainland than Hawaii. Some carriers, such as FedEx and UPS, even require you to use the territory's name in place of the country name.

How does USPS ground get to Hawaii? ›

USPS Parcel Select Ground delivers within the domestic US, but not internationally. You can use Parcel Select when shipping to every state, including Hawaii and Alaska. That said, you should expect deliveries to faraway regions to take at least 8 business days.

What shipping zone is Hawaii? ›

USPS says Hawaii is in their Zone 8, no matter which U.S. state the package originates from. Flat rate box rates apply in Hawaii!

Is U.S. to Hawaii international or domestic? ›

Is Hawaii considered an international flight? Hawaii is one of the 50 states that make up the United States of America. Therefore, you are on a domestic flight when you fly with Hawaiian Airlines or another airline from the mainland United States.

What items can't be shipped to Hawaii? ›

  • Pineapple and bromeliad plants and fruits.
  • Passion fruit plants and seeds.
  • Cruciferous root vegetables (radish, turnip, daikon, horseradish, rutabaga)
  • Corn on the cob.
  • Citrus and pulpy fruits from Florida & Puerto Rico.
  • Taro and dasheen.
  • Coconuts.

What's the cost of living in Hawaii? ›

To live comfortably in Hawaii, an annual income of around $70,000 to $100,000 for a single person, or $120,000 to $200,000 for a family is recommended. Is it expensive to live in Hawaii? Yes, Hawaii is known for its high cost of living due to factors such as housing, groceries, utilities, and transportation.

How do people from Hawaii get their cars to the mainland? ›

Port-to-port service involves dropping off the vehicle at a Hawaii port, which is loaded onto a ship and transported to the mainland. Once the car arrives on the continent, the owner can pick it up and drive it to their desired location.

How do they transport cars from Hawaii? ›

There are two options available when shipping an automobile from Hawaii to the mainland: port-to-port service and nationwide service. With port to port service, your vehicle will be transported from your port of choice in Hawaii to your port of choice on the mainland.

Is Hawaii cheaper than mainland? ›

Generally, the cost of things in Hawaii is 30% more than on the mainland. Hawaii is the most expensive state in the U.S. while California ranks third. When you compare the cost of living in Hawaii and that of California, you will likely find that Hawaii's cost of living is considerably higher.

Can you ride a ship to Hawaii? ›

The duration of a boat cruise to Hawaii can vary depending on where you depart from, but leaving out of ports on the West Coast like a cruise to Hawaii from Los Angeles or San Francisco can easily be a 7-day cruise to Hawaii. Despite the duration, cruises to Hawaii from California are quite popular.

Is Amazon Prime available in Hawaii? ›

Instead, we get free "regular" shipping in Hawaii which can take anywhere from a few days to weeks. We'll cover more on that further down in this article. In addition to free shipping on many purchases, Amazon Prime memberships include access to Amazon Prime Video.

Can you ride on a cargo ship to Hawaii? ›

Alternatively they can choose to cruise on a combi-liner (also known as a passenger freighter or deluxe freighter) See More, which is designed to carry hundreds of passengers in addition to cargo for Cargo ship travel to Hawaii.

Do other states ship homeless to Hawaii? ›

“There is no evidence of other states or municipalities sending homeless people here to Hawaii.”

How long does it take to ship a truck to Hawaii? ›

Fortunately, shipping a car to Hawaii isn't a terribly long process. In fact, from the East Coast all the way to the Hawaiian Islands takes about two to three weeks on average. A lot of experienced transporters will offer a variety of high priority services such as guaranteed delivery or expedited shipping.

What are UPS planes called? ›

Our fleet currently includes the following aircraft types: 757-200F, 767-300F, A300-600F, MD-11F, 747-400F, and 747-8F. UPS serves more than 220 countries using a combination of more than 500 UPS and chartered aircraft.

Do UPS planes fly at night? ›

UPS, the world's biggest package-delivery company, and FedEx Corp., operator of the largest cargo airline, do much of their flying at night, when there is less competition for airspace with passenger carriers. About two-thirds of UPS's volume moves on night flights, said Jeff Wafford, a spokesman.

Is FedEx freight air or ground? ›

Freight forwarding is available via air, sea, road, and rail. We offer a freight forwarding service to help you transport your cargo from one destination to the next.

Does UPS have AC in their trucks? ›

Air conditioning systems will be included in all of the company's small package delivery vehicles purchased after Jan. 1, 2024.

Do UPS trucks run on gas? ›

In its US operations alone, UPS operates more than 7,100 alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles. Of those vehicles, 3,470+ run on compressed natural gas (CNG) and 1,350+ run on liquefied natural gas (LNG). UPS has also opted to use renewable natural gas to decrease its environmental footprint.

Does Amazon use UPS trucks? ›

Amazon relies heavily on UPS for long-haul, typically two-day deliveries of goods normally not stocked in Amazon's warehouses, according to Jindel. Amazon does not offer pickups and uses the vast UPS network for critical end-to-end service, Jindel said.

How much does it cost to transport a vehicle from Hawaii to California? ›

How much is it to ship a car from California to Hawaii? Shipping your car from California to Hawaii will cost between $1,500 and $2,500 on average, depending on factors like location, shipping methods, any necessary ground transport and the size of your vehicle.

What is the average cost to ship a car from Hawaii to California? ›

You can usually expect to pay between $1,800 and $2,100 for car shipping from California to Hawaii. Your vehicle transport may cost more or less depending on your vehicle type and size and your pickup location on the U.S. mainland.

Can you ship a car from Hawaii to mainland? ›

The cost to ship a car to U.S. Mainland from Hawaii starts at $1,020.00. View our pricing page for more details on the cost to ship a car to or from Hawaii by origin and destination port. Contact Matson Customer Service at 1-800-4MATSON to get a quote on oversized vehicles, boats, or RVs moving to or from Hawaii.


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